Selon Google 10 contenus sont consommés avant qu’une décision d’achat soit prise. Nous sommes obligés de réveiller nos talents pour écrire. Faites-vous partie des ceux qui préfèrent toujours passer des appels au lieu de semer le parcours d’achat du prospect des contenus qu’il est amené à chercher ? La mauvaise nouvelle pour vous c’est qu’écrire pour le Web (méthode d’attirer le prospect par le contenu) n’est plus une option. La bonne nouvelle c’est que cela s’apprend en s’entrainant. Cette introduction étant faite, je vous invite à découvrir les cinq exercices conseillés par le Content Marketing Institute. 

Ci-dessous, je reprends l’introduction de chaque exercice proposé, dans sa forme originale sans l’altérer. Pour lire la totalité des explications et voir les vidéos qui accompagnent les explications, je vous invite à vous rendre sur 5 More Exercises to Make Your Writing Powerful

Exercise 1: Show, don’t tell


The day began with nice weather.


Temperatures hovered in the 70s as the sun rose. Fluffy clouds dotted the ocean-blue sky.

What changed: The revised text describes what nice weather feels and looks like. It also defines what “nice weather” means from the writer’s perspective.

Why: Readers benefit when they can visualize what the text conveys. Don’t settle for telling readers something when you can show them with words.

Exercise 2: Avoid erroneous quote marks


Did you know he’s going to paint the house “purple”?


Did you know he’s going to paint the house purple?

What changed: The quotation marks were removed from “purple” and the word was italicized to illustrate emphasis. 

Why: As Grammarly explains, the use of quote marks to emphasize a word or phrase was legitimate in the pre-word processor days. Writers didn’t have the ability to create italics on their typewriters or in typesetting.

But you have the ability to italicize text. Quote marks for emphasis are NOT necessary.

Exercise 3: Be indirect more frequently


“In order to accomplish the goal of survival, we are planning to implement a reduction in force of at least 20% because we can’t keep going at the same payroll we have today. With advances in technology, we now can do the same output with fewer people,” said CEO Jennifer Louden of PDQ Company.


PDQ Company plans to lay off 20% of its workforce as a cost-cutting measure. However, production output is not expected to change thanks to efficiencies gained in technology implementation, said CEO Jennifer Louden.

What changed: The direct quote was made indirect.

Why: Writers often mistakenly act like transcriptionists. They regurgitate what a person said word for word. Yet, few people speak in a way that conveys their thoughts clearly and succinctly.

Exercise 4: Add another component (meta description)


When I graduated college, my dad gave me one of those super-duper, deluxe tool sets. It had everything. There was a 330-piece socket wrench set, a two-gim…


New Content Marketing Institute research shows the struggle with content management strategy lies in the unused junk drawer of once shiny technology.

What changed: The original version is the first 155 characters of Robert Rose’s recent article. The revision is the unique meta description written for his piece about the CMI research.

Why: Without a distinct meta description, Google tends to pull the first sentence or so (about 155 characters) of the article. Robert’s wonderfully descriptive and intriguing lede entices someone who is already on the page to read further. But the truncated version of the intro doesn’t provide enough information for someone searching for information about content technology research.

And if your intro sentence isn’t explicit about your topic or perspective, it’s less likely to attract clicks.

Exercise 5: Use repetition purposely (and avoid it otherwise)


The CMO attended a board meeting with the CEO. At the meeting, they discussed the marketing strategy for the coming year.

REVISED: The CMO attended a board meeting with the CEO to discuss the marketing strategy for the coming year.

What changed: The revision contains a single use of “meeting,” but conveys the same meaning as the first.

Why: Efficient writing is easier for the audience to consume. Revise your content to eliminate unnecessary repetition and don’t think keyword stuffing will make your content more attractive to search engines.

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